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Mar. 4th, 2015 @ 08:50 am Exactly how stupid do you think I am?


Longer-term readers will know that I have two bosses at work, the two partners of the company. I refer to them as Marketing Boss and Technical Boss. (Since joined by a third partner, Sales Boss.)

Marketing Boss has long decided that we need easy, single-pane-of-glass, point-and-click interfaces on everything. Technical Boss prefers enterprise-level equipment, and doesn't care if it's command-line interface or GUI. But in the networking space, he and I both prefer Cisco gear, which lends itself more to CLI than GUI.

Several months back, Marketing Boss came to me and plonked a Fortinet router down on my desk. He announced that we were getting rid of our enterprise-class Cisco router and moving to the Fortinet. He assigned me to configure the replacement and get it installed.

I happened to mention this to Technical Boss, and he did a complete double-take. After instructing me to hold off on that work, he went and had it out with Marketing Boss. Then he came back to me and said, "Yeah, no, we're not doing that."

Fast forward to yesterday evening, when I get an email from Technician Delta asking for a list of all the existing port forwards on our Cisco router. Why? So he could configure a Fortinet router as the replacement for our Cisco router, as instructed by Marketing Boss.


I'm highly annoyed by this. Technician Delta is nowhere near my level of expertise with networking gear or servers in general. But for some reason, Marketing Boss has decided to take a second shot at replacing our nasty old CLI equipment, and so he's routed it through Technician Delta instead of me this time.

And it's not hard to tell why. I mentioned it to Technical Boss last time, and Technical Boss went and stuck his oar in and scuppered the whole thing. But Technician Delta, though a much less qualified technician, will do what he's told without raising a fuss about it.

Qualification matters less than being a yes-man.
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